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ETA Interview Questions
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Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

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How can we measure the Refractive Index of a 2 m long optical fiber?

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What is the difference between voltage transformer and potential transformer?

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why do u select to do MBA in HR after doing B.Sc in physics?

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what is transformer

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What is the difference between CRNO and CRGO in an transformer and what is the advantages of these two.

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What is the Maximum Power generation capacity of a Synchronus Machine ??


What is the role and reponsibilities of Electrical Engineers in construction field?

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plz send me mahagenco previous exam paper on my email-id

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What is the difference between LT & HT Cable

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what is power factor for any engineering equipment?? what should be its value?

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generally rectifying of ac tells. ac signel appear at phase and neutral with respect to frequency by -veand +cycles. but we doesn't experience shock with neutral in house hold ac??????.

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when we design electrical schemes of 11/.415kv distribution..wen and were should we show the relays??what is the function of it?for example..we place EFR Relay CT between transformer neutral link and transformer earth.Like this what are the other type of relays we should use?why?where?Explain please..Thank you


what is dc system? how getting pulse from rectifier?

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what is the difference between ac motor and dc generator


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Un-Answered Questions

What's mean HVF & HAF in Vacuum Circuit Breaker?


How to setup RFC connection in ecc6 tells me steps involved?


wahts is mean by dynavalidatorform in struts/


What is the maximum crushing load in Kg & crushing strength in N/mm2 for M25 & M 15 Grade concrete


the controller valve fisher error: travel ??? not output input ok


why tertiary winding is used in transformer with diagram?


Give an account on Genomic DNA isolation ?


how to size H.T & L.T Panel ?


I have 2 yr Localisation testing exp now i want to job in MNC My manualtesting knowledge+2 yr exp sufficiant for in MNC


how to create a simple presentation in flash 5


we use a file extension .properties why is it used and where do we use it plz help me out with detailed explanation and navigation of how to use on the QTP 8.2?


Hi, I am working for an MNC as an marketing and sales specialist.Not very much satified with my work nature and my interest towards SAP I want to do SAP-SD.I am working for almost an year and want to shift towards SAP.Can anyone tell me how good it would be to shift and how are the job opputunities for SAP freshers like me.


I have got an interview for a higher apprenticeship at JCB next week, the interview process consists of group and solo tasks, and group and solo interviews. Has anyone got any information in what I should expect on the day, or the frequently asked questions so I can get a head start.


What advantages can one obtain by combining the technique with a concurrent, single process server?


Please brief me future of ayurveda in India & abroad.


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