Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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difference between deep and shallow well?

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what is the water cement ratio? how to calculate it? list the wt. of constructions materials including concrete both ordinary and light wt. concrete


What are the different grades of concrete ?

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which is the cheapest type of temporary flooring(say for using 6 months on)?

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which is the cheapest type of flooring (say for using for 6 months in a factory building & dismantling it)?


what are the changes in concrete pour height as per IS 456, 2009?


What should be the 28 days cube strength for M-25 grade concrete?How it is connected with acceptance criteria of fck+3 as per IS 456-2000 and why?

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how to calculate the stirrup bend length?is there any formula?

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what"s the difference between fe 415 grade steel and fe 500 grade steel? and which one is mostly used for residential and apartment constructions?

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i m a btech 1st year student of civil branch. i want to do mba in future after having some work experience in civil there any mba course made exclusively for civil engineers?

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Quality of first class bricks


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is ther any formule for w/c ratio



how many bricks are requir for one unit ho we will caculate


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9*8m slab 1:2:4 ratio use for M20 mix how much cent is require it will become in cum but i want bags.


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In beams why the depth is > width


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what is conventional shuttering rate per square feet of built up area? what is Mivan shuttering rate per square feet of built up area? what is coupler shuttering rate per square feet of built up area?


We are into industrial flooring (epoxy flooring) business. We buy material from manufacturers.We supply and laying the to companies. In our billing what tax/ taxes to be claimed from companies? Are we applicable for only WCT or any else?


I am a civil engineer . I am also selected for sbi clerk interview which is to be held on 4th May2010 is there anybody resembling the same? what question can be asked and what should be the probable answers?


what is the cost differene of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary, and when it is constructed with concrete as a frame structure.????????


contractor receive 100 MT steel.after compliting the work the contractor refund 90 MT steel.How reconsilation of steel done?


density of crush sand & crush stone or grit powder


what is tension column?


How to calculate quanty of steel in four leg stirrups?


how to design and calculate materail quantity for concrete speedbreaker ?


Process of pcc in wateredug


how many litres of enamel paint required for 5000 sft of site?? 


What is oneside mat. And explain 


what is pouring and explain


what is the water cement ratio for plastering


How to calculate unit weight of concrete for m40 grade.