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  • SkyTech interview questions (4)

SkyTech Interview Questions
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What is a join?Explain the different types of joins?

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What is difference between TRUNCATE & DELETE?

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what is the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE command in SQL

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what"s the difference between fe 415 grade steel and fe 500 grade steel? and which one is mostly used for residential and apartment constructions?

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on “sed” command EmpData(Sample Database) 1122|j.b. saxena |g.m. |account |12/12/52|6000 2233|n.k. gupta |d.g.m |sales |31/12/40|9000 4545|anil agarwal |director |account |06/07/47|7500 5656|lalit choudhury |executive|marketing|07/09/50|5000 1265|chanchal singhvi|g.m. |admin |12/09/63|6000 0110|shyam saksena |chairman |marketing|12/12/43|8000 5566|jai sharma |director |account |23/12/89|7000 7733|jayant |d.g.m |sales |29/02/70|6000 1. From the above database substitute the delimiter of first 3 lines with “ : “ 2. From the above database substitute the delimiter with “ : ” 3. Insert the string “ XYZ Employees” in the first line. 4. Store the lines pertaining to the directors, d.g.m and g.m into three separate files. 5. Using address store first 4 lines into a file Empupdate. 6. Find the pattern “account” in the database and replaces that with “accounts”. 7. Select those lines which do not have a pattern “g.m”. 8. Insert a blank line after every line in the database.


What is Splitter?


How is SOAP different from the Ariba and Commerce One Standards of cXML etc?


a book consists of chapter ,chapter consist of sections and sections consists of subsections.construct a tree and print the node.


wat should be the main steps for qualifying gate.


please tel me how to write test case for search engine to track peoples,when user enter the city,state,zipcode(ex:Kansas city,Missouri,64155)? (note country is already selected as a united states )


i have been selected for the HAL interview? what type of questions can i expect? technical or personal? pls help me in this regard and mail to


residential buildings,mixing of concrete,structural,construction material,site handling.


who is your role modal give in few sentances


what is raft foundation


what is column foundation


What is in-transit inventory and how it is calculated, how do you monitor in-transit inventory levels?


Describe how Smart Identification is used


How many active accounts have you handled in the past?


how we check the thickness and line of ceiling plaster.


SkyTech Interview Questions
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