Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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In cement concrete pavements why cracks are develop aolng with logitudinal&tangenteal directions


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how bitumen is prepared for NH,SH &other roads


specific gravity of block cotten soil, normal, rockysteta

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what do you mean by ssd how it calculated

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what is bitumen emultion where it is use

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width rangs in NH,SH in one-way lane &two-way lane why we are provid caber is there any reson for that


What sizes of stones chips are used for foundation, column and floor casting. Please answer in detail.

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In Earth work compaction How u calculate How many liters of water required,for compaction of ordinary soil for one Cu.m.

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Pls help me to arrive the rates for centering shuttering for highbay using H-frames?



what is the difference between two way slab and flat slab? what is the benifits of flat slab?

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how to estimate the earthwork,earth-filling for an isolated foundation

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what is the wight of 4"/6" solid block?

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how many blocks will come per 1 meeter squear

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Where will be the maximum bending moment in a TEE Beam?


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does the compressive strength of brick be more then 3.5 n/mm2 or 5 n/mm2?

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What is the density of DLC & PQC and how it is differ from normal concrete?


how to calculate MR 9(derivation)


what r the precaution for high in atp tempareture,low in atp tempareture


Currently my house construction is going on but we just realized that the portico earth beam couldn't connect with the original earth because the beam rod not extended so Please advice


We are into industrial flooring (epoxy flooring) business. We buy material from manufacturers.We supply and laying the to companies. In our billing what tax/ taxes to be claimed from companies? Are we applicable for only WCT or any else?


how much repeitation for conventional and maivan formwork?


what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness??


1)Why we can use half brick in 4inch wall and 2)why not in 9+inch brick wall


how can we calculate steel value, depending on load


though u r a civil engineer, y r u interested in tcs???


How to calculate quanty of steel in four leg stirrups?


HOw much % of premium on DSR-2013 currently


what is hydrostatic paradox?


what is the ingredient value of 40mm and 20mm aggregates?


Which code specifies the specification ofthe construction joints to be provided in the raft slab of a basement which is 6 m deep.what should bethe detail of such a joint?