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what"s the cement, sand, aggregate(consumption) quantity for 10 cm thick roof slab (1:2:4)

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How to calculate the cement, sand quantity for plastering? (10'x10')10mm thick ratio 1:5. wht"s the formula?

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what"s the formula to find the quantity (consumption) of cement,sand,aggregate for 1m3(1:2:4)?

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where does the hinged action while designing the strture


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what"s the formula find the cement consumption for brick work 23 thick wall 1 m3?

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What is the diffence between prescribed mix and design mix


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Difference between the setting time and hardenin time of concrete

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Define slump in terms of slump test

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What are the types of test used to determine soil bearing capacity

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how you calculate the qty. of cement ,sand,aggregate from proportion 1:2:4 M15

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where you provide on column


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where you provide overlap on column?


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how to convert feet value in meter value?

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The Hinged and Roller support is same or differnt if it is differnt how does it differs


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What is the difference between Hinged and pinned in Column ends



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What is meaning of Canceled/Flat Beam. What is difference between them? Both type of beam can bear same load if size (width)of the flat beam is increases and depth is same as slab thickness? Kindly suggest to me.


how much cement and sand required for 1cum rr masonry


manhole height is 1500 mm and width of brickwork is 230 mm dia of manhole covering is 560 mm brick masonry 1:4 horizontal length is 1500 mm and plaster 12 mm thick on both side 1:3. how to estimate the quantity of brickwork with mortar cement and sand for manhole chamber.


How to calculate(Thumb rule) the consumption of steel per cubic meter for different concrete members. 


Minimum and maximum size of the building components


material required for construction of wall (Cement, No of bricks (Brick size 40cm x 20cm x 10cm),sand,Quantity of water


How will be cutting in timber plate size 600*400 column size


kindly mail me by attaching files , formats for quality checks of common building materials like cement , concrete , bricks , sand and aggregates plz send my email id-


what is the dimensions of river sand truck trailer or trolly ?


Please let me know what is the simplest way of Calculating Mix Designs


what is parametre for M25 after 7 days strength


What is the cost difference between site mix and ready mix concrete per cubic meter


is basic cost of the material includes tax?


How to calculate cement and river sand material Qty for waterproofing base coat and finish coat


step by step procedure to find out the percentage of steel in coloum,beam,slab,footing in detailed