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what"s the cement, sand, aggregate(consumption) quantity for 10 cm thick roof slab (1:2:4)

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How to calculate the cement, sand quantity for plastering? (10'x10')10mm thick ratio 1:5. wht"s the formula?

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what"s the formula to find the quantity (consumption) of cement,sand,aggregate for 1m3(1:2:4)?

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where does the hinged action while designing the strture


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what"s the formula find the cement consumption for brick work 23 thick wall 1 m3?

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What is the diffence between prescribed mix and design mix


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Difference between the setting time and hardenin time of concrete

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Define slump in terms of slump test

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What are the types of test used to determine soil bearing capacity

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how you calculate the qty. of cement ,sand,aggregate from proportion 1:2:4 M15

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where you provide on column


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where you provide overlap on column?


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how to convert feet value in meter value?

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The Hinged and Roller support is same or differnt if it is differnt how does it differs


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What is the difference between Hinged and pinned in Column ends



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what is difference between NP2 NP3 NP4 CONCRETE HUME PIPES USED AT SITE


What is the difference between EPC,DBOOT and BOOT.


what is the cost differene of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary, and when it is constructed with concrete as a frame structure.????????


Requirement of cement, and steel 1:2:4 ratio concrete in 1128 Sqft area(Cement No of bags, steel in Kgs)


what are the ffactors you considered choosing the course?


For sloping slabs or sloping beams why the tension steel from either side of ridge is taken into compression zone of other side?


plz drive the formula d2/162.162 for the calculation of weight of steel bars????


Can rice husk ash be used instead of coal fly ash for manufacture of clc/ foam concrete


silt%= silt volume/ silt+sand volume is this right?


a butt weld is specified by


How to Calculate Materials Required for PCC 1:4:8 for 1Cum & Brickwork 1:4 for 1Cum & Plastering 1:4 (15mm Thick) for 100Sqm & RCC 1:4:8 & 2mt ( L1=1mt & L2=1mt ) length of 12mm Steel bended in 90degrees what is the formula to calculate Weight & Actual Length ?


how to calculate spacing rod in column


What is rolling stock


what is the difference between np2 and np3 concrete mix


if mineral admixture add into concrete then what is the differences between full cement concrete & fly ash added concrete of their SP. Gr.?and for the changes of SP. Gr. what is the changes in concrete