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The Hinged and Roller support is same or differnt if it is
differnt how does it differs

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The Hinged and Roller support is same or differnt if it is differnt how does it differs..

Answer / manikandan v.s.

Hinge Supports are restrained to Horizontal and Vertical
Movements but they are free to Rotate. hence in a hinged
support we get Horizontal and Vertical Reactions but no
Roller Support are restrained to only with Vertical
Movements and hence we get only a Vertical Reaction. The
Horizontal Reaction and Moment is zero.

Simple Example for roller support is a book lying on a
table. is free to move across the length and bredth of the
table and is free to rotate also. but vertical movement is
not possible.
Eg. for Hinge Support is the Door. we cannot move the door
Vertically or horizontally but it can rotate, making it to
open and close

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The Hinged and Roller support is same or differnt if it is differnt how does it differs..

Answer / jn1515

Hinge supports have a rotation , but roller horizontal
movement only.
hinge supports having vertical and horizontal reaction no
bending moment , but rollers only vertical reaction,

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The Hinged and Roller support is same or differnt if it is differnt how does it differs..

Answer / kulbhushan

The structure member sebjected on tunged supports cen position of the beam is fixed in this case. The rxn on a hinged support may be the horizontal or incrlin king depending on the structure.

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