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Power grids in two adjacent states(A&B) are interconnected. Can power grid in state A can be represented by Thevenin Equivalent Circuit. If not explain Why?


what is mean by super structure?

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what are all the new civil construction materials?what are the new concepts ?


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What is the best design for building bridges?

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As a proof of my analytical skills I was asked to give an example of a real life situation that i have solved analytically ? Can anybody give me a clue what kind of examples should be a suitable answer ?



plz send me civil q papers of hpcl


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when does sedimentation occur before filteration, along with it, along with chlorination, after chlorination?


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bridge design

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what are IS code for M20, 25, etc

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I am in India. Employer A got approval for my H1. But they have no job for me now. Company B is going to file H1 for me. They do not know about company A. Is there any way that I get approved H1 of company A transferred to Company B?


appsc AEE'S interview questions wanted


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polavaram project is situated inwhich place?

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why you considers yourself suitable for the post of site engineer

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How do you determine or evaluate success?

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Anyone have sample questions for bhel please send me since Iam appearing for this exam. Kindly send this to my e-mail:


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what mean By core Billing


a concrete mix 1 2 4 by volume with water cement ratio as .6 by weight if moisture content in F.A is 6% with 20% BULKING AND IN C.A 1.5% by volume. find quantities of different materials required for one bag of cement


Moisture content calculation for diff mix ratio's ??


As we know that steel is a tension member but why we are using STRUCTURE STEEL as a COLUMN (Without concrete) where column is a compression member and compression strength of steel is very low


give me the rate analysis for Bituminous Macadam and SDBC


about higyway engineering


for 200 kg of cement how is the mix proportion in kg for m25 grade of concrete


How do we get this formula Ast=(0.5Fck/Fy) into(1-(in sqrt(1-((4.6Mu)/^2))into bd Fck=grade of cement i.e M25, M20 Fy=grade of steel i.e.Fe415,Fe250 Mu=moment b=width d=depth 


Formula of area of crane hook


115mm thickness brick work how to required mortar


dialation means


How much cements bag (or in KG) required for 1 Sq. M concrete, for M-30 grad concrete as per CPWD and where is thr proof on site


As per Kandal suggestions, we have implemented rolling starts on 140 (+/- 5) degrees and we kept 3 rollars to complete the rolling before falling 125 degrees and the Aggregate AIV is below 22. But When the DBM bed is being rolled 3rd high viabration, (Before 1 plain & low ,2 high Viabrations), the aggregate is getting sharp edge agg. projections are damaged. As the literature is said that, the VG-30 Grade having better control the temp. susceptibility than Penetration grade. if so we could not get this problem at site. But we are facing on site. let me know.


How u can calculate the Octagon ring distance from center of raft in 275 mtr chimney slipform errection? cantact no:0993455097


In csae of hume pipes NP stands for Non Pressure bur what does it really mean?