what are all the new civil construction materials?what are
the new concepts ?

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what are all the new civil construction materials?what are the new concepts ? ..

Answer / narendra

1. Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre and Resins
2. Recycled materials:
•coal fly ash,crumb rubber — a fine granular or powdered
rubber capable (rubber tire),GGBF or Ground granulated
blast furnace slag, Post-consumer material, Recovered
materials, Secondary material — (fragments of finished
products), Virgin material content,
New concepts:
1. Cellular Structure Construction,
2. Green building construction or sustainable
3. Decorative concrete finishes,
4. Use nanotechnology for improving fluidity,
strength, durability etc. of concrete. It is also being
used to improve reinforcements qualities like anti-
corrosion etc.

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what are all the new civil construction materials?what are the new concepts ? ..

Answer / gerson

The new civil construction material is the carbon fiber;
The new concepts to building constructions are cast in
curved lines

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