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Consultancy Interview Questions
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What is your career goal and career plans ?

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what can you contribute to the company if you are selected as a HR?

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what are the advantages of primary key over unique+notnull

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What is the reason to choose ur carrer in HR

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Why did you choose HR as your career?

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As a Team Leader, what is your contribution for your team?

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why you considers yourself suitable for the post of site engineer

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Why did you choose HR? Why do want to make your career in HR?

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Tell me exactly three qualities that a HR Executive should have?

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what is webservices

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how we can calculate which capacity capacitor bank we have to add for improve pf?

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hai am Deepak here i have my exam on 3rd jan 2010 for the post of officers job in karnataka bank so kindly plz send me model papers . thank u


write a c program to calculate the income tax of the employees in an organization where the conditions are given as. (I.T. = 0 if income <100000 I.T = 10% if income _< 200000 it = 20% if income >_ 200000)

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how to find full database size

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why bpo and why customer service

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Un-Answered Questions

how can we add a field to the oracle standard forms through Form Persanlization or custom.pll


what is Forward,Reverse and Re_engineering?


how is the connection of a 3 phase ct trivector meter done on a pole mounted transformer


What is the principal of particle size analyzer?brief explain instrumentation?


what is domain functional level in windows server 2003?


what are the type of testing and methodologies


How do you tell what your machine name is and what is its IP address?


how much stack emmission through your chimney & what is the state govt. norms.?


Q.1 write a program to create binary tree 1 to 16 numbers? Q.2 write a program to creat a binary search tree for the member that is given by user?




How the messages are processed in Windows ?


35 year old lady with two previous consecutive first trimester miscarriages is found to have a 10 weeks missed miscarriage. How would you manage her?


Why in SAP external number range should be selected for depreciation posting . any specific reasons for that explain me? Raj


What are the maximum no. of devices supported in SCS-1,2 and 3?


can you tell me how to write test cases for payments, receipts, inward clearing, outward clearing, A/c statements ?


Consultancy Interview Questions
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