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Consultancy Interview Questions
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What is your career goal and career plans ?

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what can you contribute to the company if you are selected as a HR?

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what are the advantages of primary key over unique+notnull

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What is the reason to choose ur carrer in HR

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Why did you choose HR as your career?

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As a Team Leader, what is your contribution for your team?

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why you considers yourself suitable for the post of site engineer

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Why did you choose HR? Why do want to make your career in HR?

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Tell me exactly three qualities that a HR Executive should have?

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what is webservices

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how we can calculate which capacity capacitor bank we have to add for improve pf?

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hai am Deepak here i have my exam on 3rd jan 2010 for the post of officers job in karnataka bank so kindly plz send me model papers . thank u


write a c program to calculate the income tax of the employees in an organization where the conditions are given as. (I.T. = 0 if income <100000 I.T = 10% if income _< 200000 it = 20% if income >_ 200000)

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how to find full database size

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why bpo and why customer service

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