What is the best design for building bridges?

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What is the best design for building bridges?..

Answer / david

The best design for building bridges is the one that meets
all or most of the needs of the client. This includes
cost, environmental concerns, ease of construction,
aesthetics, availability of materials & labor, geologic
conditions and construction schedule. The ability to
analyze various types of structures, materials, and
construction technics is important so that one can arrive
at a sensible conclusion\reccomendation.

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What is the best design for building bridges?..

Answer / aswile mssika

the best design for bridges is that which considers the
environmental conditions,economic factors,availability of
constuction materials as well asavailability of manpower

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What is the best design for building bridges?..

Answer / mishijoshi

v can't recommend a design 2 b d best unless untill tat
fullfill aal of d requiremnts of d particular given project
site..regarding... stregth,performance,expected loads
(expected earhquake n wind),environmntal,soil
conditions,availability of materials n last bt not the
least d appearance. so on d basis of all of d above
criterion one bridge can b d best for a patricular site
while d same cannot b even an optin 2 b considered for sum
other site. can explaon it with 2-3 eg's.

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What is the best design for building bridges?..

Answer / vikram

howe truss is good material which is economical ,long life.

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What is the best design for building bridges?..

Answer / md simab akhtar

first thing max man power should b available 4 construction and cost should b low and durability should b good

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What is the best design for building bridges?..

Answer / guest

concrete precast bridgres are the best type

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