Engineering Interview Questions
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Give me check-list for electrical preventive maintenance of machine tool.

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Brief me about maintenance planning & sheduling of machine tool.

Thermax, HCL,


Pl. share your experience about industrial-electronics repair of machine tool.


what do you mean by plant earthing system.


hou we find and calculate the maximum lode capesity of transforer?

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what is the difference between technology and engineering ?

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is there a future for a mechanical er. in supplier development field ?



I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer and when turning on the A/C the accuator opens and closes the panel doors on its own without me touching any controls..i bought a new climate control (350 dollars) and that didnt fix it..can anyone help??


difference between fleming's left hand rule and RHR briefly.

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suppose in dcs range of a flow transmitter is 10t/hr what is dp for 50% in 2500mmwc


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DC transmission


What is OHNS Material and can anybody explain the Chemical & Physical Properties of Same. Which Technical Standard Book shows this Specification. Why can't we use En series instead of OHNS. Where it is specifically Used.

Advanced Bolting Solutions,

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how can we design dia of rainwater pipes ? plez explain by using formula ?

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Waht is surge in compressors and how to control it?


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What is surge in compressors? How to detect and control it?


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What do you think determines a person's progress in a good company?


pls tell me function of closing coil of A.C.B.


please tell me how a surge protector work on a DC 48Volt.? please describe briefly.


How will change the frequency in distribution side?


why -48v is used for BTS in telecom?


what is cause of static electricity? I experience shock when i touch metal equipment in a room ,furher check shows earth leakage showing 80ma at the DB near to the 400 MCCB?


A 50Hz,4-pole,3-phase,star-connected synchronous motor has a synchronous reactance of 12ohmsper phase and negligible armature resistances.the excitation is such as to give an open-circuit voltage of 13.2kilovolt.the motor is connected to 115kilovolt, 50hertz supplying. what maximum load can be the motor torque,line current and power factor?


What is servo motor and what are different types of servo motor


How many total no of channel bypass in one BTS.


How to find out slope footing concrete


Define negative frequency?


What are the different values that need to be determined in order to design a cylinder for an ice?


Why we are use dol starter up to 10 hp


interface 8085 microprocessor with 4K RAM, 256 bytes RAM, 2K RAM and 6K ROM using decoders and gates?


i need to now what will be the cable size to the following load, transformer to distribution panel distance 110m, load 1000kw, voltage 400v, pf 0.85, permissible voltage drop 2.0%, overhead line, atmospheric temperature 35 degree c.