Engineering Interview Questions
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write a c program for display 1 upto timers using for loop,do while loop,while loop


what are the different types of communication cables used in automation and what are the difference in the cables



Is it possible to import & export power through the same power transformer? what will be the vector group normally for both different or same?

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I have 2 KW electric water heater.I am gonna use it in controlling water I needed to increase or decrease the heating there any electrical-electronic circuit for varying the resistance & so current?

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in control valve is constructed as per API 6D or API 6A, then which standard is used for fire testing of valve?.

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in valve is constructed as per SME B 16.34, then which standard is used for fire testing of valve?.


what is the meaning of pi value?

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what is the difference between MCB & MCCB

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what is voltage present between to phases in a three phase motor?

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we have 400kv/6.6kv transformer ,it has total 9 taps on HV side with normal tap on tap no 5.when we took the ratio test we observed that ratio was decreasing from tap 1 to tap 5 and was found increasing from tap 5 to tap 9.What is the reason?if anyone have related document then please send me on the email id plz

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in 3 phase (4 wire) star connection - is current pass through neutral??

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whycircuit breaker is not connected at the generator end where the capacity of the generator is more say 60MW, 100MW etc.

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static chagre


Why do you want to change your present company??

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why the body of the bike considered as earth in case the motorcycle

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Un-Answered Questions { Engineering }

What is mean effective press?


Op-amp is used mostly as an integrator than a differentiator. Explain why?


What are the key inputs and factors considered to plan the number of SGSN/GGSN if you have to set up a Greenfield network?


What is Scheme Test of High Voltage Switchgear. Which tests it includes.


what is maxemo work permit procedure


DVC2000 performent: travel ??? and not output signal


What are the insulation standerds for eg H clase and how many insulation standerds are there and its standerds??????


What is the testing done in aerospace engineering?


In turbine what does term CDP, NI, NH, HSSOC means.


, Instrument Index, P&ID review, I/O schedule, datasheet, DCS / Analyzers specifications, loop diagrams, hook-up drawings.


A logic circuit that provides a HIGH output if one input or the other input, but not both, is HIGH, is a(n)?


10 Mtr Hight of Lighting Arrestar how much area coverd??


Draw a crankshaft and show the parts?


what is transient enclosure vltage , very fast transients, very fast transient over voltages


how much concrete solid/hollow block are manufacture per 50 kg cement bag in differnent sizes like 400x200x200mm, 400x200x150mm, 400x200x100mm. And need proper ratio as per sale quantity. pls send my mail searching last two years not yet get pls find and enclosed pls. need practical analysis.