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what are the different types of communication cables used
in automation and what are the difference in the cables

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Why trim span ? How?

0 Answers  

Could you explain to me the enraf (servo gauge) mechanism. How it works ? and how it is working on archimedes theory while it's not immersed into the surface? and how can we calibrate it ? Thanx

1 Answers  

-200mmwc to 500mmwc range transmitter have there 4mA is -200 and 20mA is 500.what is the range in 12mA?

5 Answers   NCC,

dear friends pls tell me how temperature compensations are done in bourdoun tube of pressure guages thankx

1 Answers  

why relays are used with plc?

4 Answers  

what is intrinscily safe system and where we use?

0 Answers   DEWA,

Regarding , there is an air cooler which control the fans(50% of AV FANS) by temperature in outlet , and the louver of Air cooler is controlled by HIC from control system , So if on Air cooler we will consider 2 individual I/P converter or positioner?

0 Answers   Chagalesh Consulting Engineers,

how to rectify the problem ,if we erected the DPT instrument wrongly of hp on lp side and lp on hp side?

5 Answers  

how we can calibrate an Interface level transmitter online

2 Answers   L&T,

how to calculate range of level transmitter?

0 Answers   TCE,

all types instrumentation questions want

0 Answers   Bhel, Descon, HBL Power Systems,

What is the function of solenoid valve in on/off & shutdown valve and why it is not used in control valve normally?

0 Answers  

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