Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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give clarity of linearity and range in method validation


how do we get usp reference standard potency?

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what is the origin to prepare standard operating procedure


why we are using sodium,potassium phosphates for mobile phase preparation?

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why water factor is near about 5.0 in kf titration?

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Why 1800 ml of dissolution media used In Carbamazepine ER USP Tablets But other drug only 900 ml Media Used ?

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what is use in calibration of conductivitimeter?

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how to calculate corelation coefficient in G.C Calibration? what is the calculation part?

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reasons for negative peaks in chromatography


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why octanol used to determine the partition coefficient ?


if partition coefficient value was positive means, what it indicates ?

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why has inject 5 injection in assay


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why has inject 6 injection in Releted compounds

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why we should take dst factor for below 1%moisture samples

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what is end capping in hplc coulmn

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what are the standard methods for HPLC?


what is third integration


Tell me about analytical method validation in QC


What is viod volume and peak purity in HPLC?


How to do regeneration of Metacarb Pb plus column?


What is the purpose of octyl silane columns?


How can we calculate "confidence interval" in analytical method validation? Pl. explain with example.


In HPLC calibration, caffeine is used as primary standard for wave length calibration due to caffeine is having dual maxima at 273 & 205 nm and one minima at 245 nm. Any body can give reference of these details from any pharmacopeia (with chapter no.) or any other authentic guideline?


Difference between hlaf and rlaf


In dissolution of tablets/capsules elaborate the Dissolution limit 20.0% to 60% Q in 30 minutes.


What is diffrence between extractable volume and deliverable volume? Answer pls


can we use the same detector in HPLC as well GC and what could be the differences we can find in the final chromato graph in any aspects?


Which type of column should i use to check the purity of high molecular weight protein using HPLC reverse phase column chromatography? Hi everyone. I wanna to check the purity of high molecular weight protein (collagen) with MW of ~130 kDa using a HPLC. I know C18


how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.


What is the formula to determine the concentration of M of a solution given the % transmittance? Use %T = 43.7 as an example.