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why has inject 6 injection in Releted compounds

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why has inject 6 injection in Releted compounds..

Answer / ramakrishna- micro labs

In RS analysis we r analysed for impurity purpose,here we take
more concentration when compare to standard,that's why
standard area comes very less when compare to sample,so inject
standard 6 replicates the % RSD is NMT 5.0 , we give 5
replicates %RSD is NMT 2.0,the system suitability criteria
than more chances to pass for 6 replicates injections

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why has inject 6 injection in Releted compounds..

Answer / laxman rapolu

In Related substances, we are preparing the standard in the
unknown impurity concentration level.This is the less
concentration.for consistency purpose we should
inject.Because we are quantifying impurities against diluted
standard.This is applicable to external standard method.

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