Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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How you collect dissolution media while in stirring condition of a basket or a paddle?


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At what distance the sample is collected in dissolution basket?

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why we use prednisone tablet in chemical callibration of dissolution apparatus?

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Why Ethanol is Used for Standardization of GC Head space?

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How much area of methanol or other solvent are acceptable in blank (Diluent) of Gas chromatography.

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As per OOT for any product what is calculation and how to invetigate the OOT

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What is Spliit and Splitless in Gas Chromatography nad How does it work?


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Why used 0.02% v/v solution of toluene in hexane for calibration of UV.

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Why 1.2% KCl is used for limit of stray light? and why limit of stray light is required in UV calibration?

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How to decided test concentration in GC analysis.

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What is the formula to determine the concentration of M of a solution given the % transmittance? Use %T = 43.7 as an example.


in calibration of disintegration test apparatus why cycle limit is 28-32?

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Why pH range is maximum 14.0


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what is the structure of DOWEX-50


What is the difference between Normal phase method & Reverse method in HPLC ? Define application of both method.

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using gradient pressure in gas chromatography are not ?using gradient pressure why


What is the formula to determine the concentration of M of a solution given the % transmittance? Use %T = 43.7 as an example.


How to determine the EDTA content by potentiometry titration in Ceftriaxine sodium


How to choose the which salt is suitable for mobilephase


How much is the standard area for glc analysis


How can the GC or HPLC method is selected to determine the impurity profile in drug product?


What is method validation in quality control


What is aggregate and fragments in SEC?


what is partion and column chromatography


How will u perform degradation study in detectors other thann PDA in HPLC Methodology


why does used dry caffien in HPLC calibration?


what type of question will ask in the interview of lab chemist.


What is diffrence between extractable volume and deliverable volume? Answer pls


What is gelatinization?


In performance Check of GC Why Hexadecane Peak is Considered