Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is the moisture content of Disodium hydrogen tartrate. how it can be calculted. as 16.5%

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In Karl Fischer titration,What is the situation if the material tested is only soluble in water,and not soluble in the common solvents used such as methanol ?? [e.g. Iron III Hydroxide polymaltose]


sop of a uv visible spectrophotometer double beam elico model

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why does the result variation in hplc and gc with same sample ?


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How will you select mobile phase in HPLC Method Development

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how to regulate noise in hplc ?

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why results are variation in same samples analysis in gc and hplc ?

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why base line not start from zoro in GC Chromatograme.


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What is cleaning validation of rinse and swabe and its limit with caculation formula.

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what is the difference between c-8 and c-18 column

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why deutiriated chloroform used in NMR for sample prepration. what reaction takes place.give reasons

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how do u optimise hplc method

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How to calculate %w/w and %v/v of a component(or solvent)by NMR

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How to prepare 10% HCl from 36.5% HCl solution.

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How to prepare 50 ppm ammonia solution form 25% ammonia solution?

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what is procedure of actual procedure for registration of drug?


Why acetonitrile and water are used as extraction solvent when analysis melamine? I thought they are miscible and won't be able to separate...


what is the importence and role of LCMS and LCMS/MS and their applications? which type of compounds are analysis by lcms?


if you have given a blank water how you analyse by general analytical techniques?


iam usig ph buffers merk. manually how to prepare ?


What is intact assay method development.....?


how can I make the copper get white bye any salt or acit?


2. Two grams of Benzoic acid are dissolved in 200 ml of water and extracted with 200 ml of diethyl ether. The distribution coefficient of benzoic acid is 100, and its dissociation constant is 6.5 10-5. Calculate the distribution ratio (D) of benzoic acid at pH 2, 5, and 6. 3. Calculate D at pH 2 to 10 (1 unit apart) in the above problem, and plot D versus pH.


What is the principle of HPLC, GC, LCMS, GCMS,LC QQQ, GC QQQ, LC Q TOF and GC Q TOF. What are the applications and Specificity?


what type of question will ask in the interview of lab chemist.


4. Describe the operation of the Craig apparatus. Chapter.3 Equilibrium Processes in Separations


For titration in anhydrous media with perchloric acide, if lack of titrator, Which indicator is been used for replacement. How calculate pH of test solution to choose suitable indicator?


function of detecter in hplc ,gc and spectroscopy? function of carrier gas in gc?


How to start the dissolution development for unknown tab?


My question about gas chromatography sulfur chemiluminsecence detector. I test unknown sample gas by GC-SCD (calibrated ) and the result of *H2S is 279 PPM , *but when I test the same sample with the GC-TCD (calibrated ) the value of *H2S is 2500 PPM . I'd like to inform you that both GCs are calibrated and have very good operation conditions with stable parameters . the question is if the sample gas with higher H2S over detection limits of SCD detector (1000 ppm). why the result it 279 ppm Best regards