Why 1.2% KCl is used for limit of stray light? and why
limit of stray light is required in UV calibration?

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Answer / rk

First we have to know what is stray light. Stray light
defined as the light which is coming from the intended
source,not in intended path and also not with the intended
source, and KCl is used because it acts as stray filter

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Answer / s dinesh

1.Stray light means the rays of light other than intended use.These make hindrance in the path of mono-chromatic light of use i.E.Why it is calculated. Its value must be greater than 2.0 at about 200nm.
2. 1.2 % soln is the conc of KCl which is capable restricting the undesired Radiations.

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Answer / minhaz the great

Stray light is light other than intended source. 1.2% w/v solution of KCl in a1cm at 200nm gives 2.0 absorbance and if stray light is present it shows deflection in absorbance. Hence it can act as filter

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Answer / suresh

kcl is primary standard&it has high penetrating power.

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Answer / vijay kumar y

1.0% NaI also used for stray light calibration at 210-260
nm..and it gives max. at 220.
in the same way
5.0% NaNo2 also used for stray light calibration at 300-385
nm..and it gives max. at 340.

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