Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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how to prepare solution in ppb

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how to prepare low ppm solution from high ppm solution ?

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wt is difference between assay and purity in hplc?

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difference between AAS & flame photo meter ?

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how to calibrate AAS ? give me the procedure?

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why peak purity not considered in GC?

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from compund pka value how to select buffer and column?

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what is Beer Lambert low ?


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principle of AAS & its uses ?


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how ir specrometer is calibrated ?

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what is pKa ?

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How you can calculate pKa ?

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what buffer you can select for acidic nature analyte and how ?

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What is Specificity ?

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Whya the need of Specificity to do in Analytical Method Validation ?

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Home heating oil or furnace oil what is made from? Can (base oil plus diesel/kerosen) = home heating oil?


Why perchloric acid used for potentiometric titration


cefoperozone and sulbactam inj. hplc test method


What is the principle of HPLC, GC, LCMS, GCMS,LC QQQ, GC QQQ, LC Q TOF and GC Q TOF. What are the applications and Specificity?


How to choose concentration of LOQ solutions for RS analysis? Example.


In HPLC calibration, caffeine is used as primary standard for wave length calibration due to caffeine is having dual maxima at 273 & 205 nm and one minima at 245 nm. Any body can give reference of these details from any pharmacopeia (with chapter no.) or any other authentic guideline?


Why irmoisture balance is used for corrugated box moisture testing


Difference between hlaf and rlaf


What is the main difference between ODS1 and ODS2 Hplc column.


could negative ions be produced by bombardment process in mass spectrometry?


1.What is the difference between method validation and method verification 2.Which guidelines proposed to method transfer


What is the difference between purge septum flow and column flow in gas chromatography?


what is difference between zero air gas and o2 gas


Why potassium dichromate is used in calibration of uv?


why glutent are detected in the rice cereal baby food product even manufacturer claimed that they are using rice and milk only?we have using ELISA to do the test,and rice supposed not containing any glutent,rite?We already repeat the test so many times and it still detected.just wondering where the glutent came from?