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how to calibrate AAS ? give me the procedure?

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how to calibrate AAS ? give me the procedure?..

Answer / ch. appala naidu

AAS instrument is calibrate by Copper standard solution.

Usually 5 ppm copper standrd solution give absorbance 0.5
to 0.6 atomic units(a.u.)

The 5 ppm Copper standard solution should be prepare from
traceable level.

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how to calibrate AAS ? give me the procedure?..

Answer / ravi kumar kadari

5 ppm copper standard solution gives absorbance 0.5 atomic
units,And also measure the RSD,and RSD Should be less than
5 %

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how to calibrate AAS ? give me the procedure?..

Answer / nalini

we have gone through the AAS calibation procedure with copper,what is the reference method & no.

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