what is pKa ?

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / yojana

pKa means negetive log of dissociation constant

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / dr.srinivas

pka = -log (H+ + oH- /H2o)

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / pratap rasam

At pKa half of the compound is in acid form and remaining
half in the base form. Also, it is nothing but the pH at
half neutralization. Smaller the value of pKa stronger the
acid and vise-versa. It is the inverse of dissociation
constant K.

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / prasad

Half equivalence point.

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / vijayalakshmi

Ability to know strength of the solution(acidic/basic)

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / kalyan(neuland)

pka=inderectly proposanal of the acidity constant

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / nishabd

Definition of pKa :
(pK for short). The negative logarithm of the acid dissociation constant, Ka.

Just like the pH, the pKa tells you of the acid or basic properties of a substance.
pKa <2 means strong acid
pKa >2 but <7 means weak acid
pKa >7 but <10 means weak base
pKa >10 means strong base

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / madhav


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what is pKa ?..

Answer / nitin

acid is half neutralized

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what is pKa ?..

Answer / pavan

it can be determine the by using the handorsons equ

by using automatic titrator method

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