Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Integraton testing


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can you write test cases on pen?

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what is the difference between bug and enhancements..

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if the defect is not reproducible then what u give the status in quality center

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how to test a shopping cart website manually...?

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1) I have 5000 test cases within 3 working days u have to finish? How you will handle it. 2) Difference between Relase-1 and Relase-2


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which approach u r following while integrating the modules(top down or bottom up) explain process

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i have source and target having same data structure 500 fields and one lacks records. how to validate data. write 5 scenarios.

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how mapp the defect id in quality center?


what are the UAT bugs...why they come ??


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how will you clarify the requirements

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In Quality Center, If we can reuse a non reusable test script as template test, then what is the need of defining reusable test scripts? What additional functionality does Reusable test scripts add when compared to non reusable test scripts?


Hello, what will be the example for Regression Testing?? Thanks, Gaurav.

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if i provide u screens no documentation then how you will test that application without documentation .write testcases for that screens?


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How much cost taken for testing activites in the project

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Hi to all..Now am working at one company as Software tester..I have selected for Accenture via one consultancy.. They have told that joining date will be on 19 th july..But now they are postponed joining date..whether i can trust that or not?Can u plz tell??plzz..whether i can put my paper to releive or not? CAn u telll?


a newly launched web site is hosted on web server.It is expected that 100 people visit the website every hour and browse 30 pages spending a total 15 minutes. what is the maximum hits/sec that the web server should support this load?justify your answer. need urgently. by rimesh


What is configuration management in software testing ?


List the type of testing perform to test microsoft excel 2003 give atleast 1 example of each type


What are differences in testing a client server and a web application?


Our software designers use UML for modeling applications. Based on their use cases, we would like to plan a test strategy. Do you agree with this approach or would this mean more effort for the testers.


Why did you choose the Software Testing Field?


What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology?


what is the critical defect in telecom domain?help me out from this prob its very urgent


How to derive test data from the design documents?


*) Internal review defect gets detected… 1) During peer review. 2) By the own stuff member onsite/offshore. 3) During Informal review process. 4) None of these 5) All of these


Do we have any certifications for ETL Testing ?


can anyone tell me the questions that can be posed in an interview for a 5 year experienced person in manual testing


when do you escalte issue to your manager?


Hi, what do you mean by internal auditing? what are the things they do in internal auditing?what they review? THNX in Advance