Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is STUB & DRIVERS ?

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oracle table A havng one million records. write 10 test cases to test data?


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i live in australia and i have come to india for holiday and i want to give my ISTQB exam so which is preferrable?giving exam in INDIA /AUSTRALIA?Does it really matters?


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What are the possible Test cases for Save in M.S word ?

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what is user interface testing?

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hi i am vishal, i have done and now i am intreasted to go for software testing can any1 suggest me how to star and allwhich will help me to make astrong carrer in automation testing.

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what is the difference between developer testing and tester testing?

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what is meant by test strategy?

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I need a good book on manual testing.Is the book by nageswara rao good.I need to learn from basic to advanced.

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Wat Is Configuration management and were we store all our testcases and Test data everything related to project for testing how we come to know abt the changes made in the modules and srs plz explain me the detail process for the abve if possible were to get the tutorial for all these cvs tool

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Hi I am preparing for a Software testing interviews and i have attended 4 interviews but i didnt succeeded any of those 4 due to the lack of real time experience can any body please suggest a institute who will train for real time scenarios with good project? in CHENNAI

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Define Deployment and User Acceptance.


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if we have 1000 web pages site. what technique is used to test the functionality of unchanged component in the regression testing. if there is no option of Automation Testing?

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1)does we need any web server for executing web application or project. 2)do we need any web server to run a build

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what exactly done parallely in v-model with verification.

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What is function points??????


What knowledge I must have as a 3 yrs. manual tester??


what is meant by application server and its functions?


Hi, This is vkram.I had completed my B.E in May 2005 & currently i am undergoing Testing Course. I want to join as a Fresher in any MNC. What should I tell why u r coming to testing field & what u did this 2 years?


what s test block ratio? please any one answer me..


Could some one tell me test cases for multi line text boxes like Notes field?


In interview How do explain in Testcase of Calcuator,Cellphones, Email testing?


What is Online gaming, payment gateway development, hosting and custom software development services.


How to write test case for view the table(i.e it is already stored in database and see the content in the table)


Test cases have written according to Flow of the software working or according to Screens?


When first time we are testing the screen then we have to write that this screen should contains so & so columns [ suppose there r 10 columns on that screen]in the expected result


what are the prerequisite conditins to test clientserver and web applications


how to indentify memory leakages after the build


what are the Cs in testing