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  • Genisys interview questions (5)

Genisys Interview Questions
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What are the basics to be tested in mobile testing?

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Tell me about ur college life?

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what do you know about customer service?

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In What scenerio intercompany and mass- allocation journal can be used in business?

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if i provide u screens no documentation then how you will test that application without documentation .write testcases for that screens?

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im doing job as a tele marketing(trainee)..our company is SAP business partener..most of companis using tally ERP..or other ERP solutions..i have to talk with director of d company & convience them to purchase SAP business plzz tell me main difference in tally ERP & SAP business one.. plzz help me..


why athanol-water mixtuere have maximum viscocity in wt% 40?


hi..i hav developed an interactive report in which alv list display in basic list and 1st secondary list in alv grid display.I want to get summation(total) of the columns in the secondary list.I hav used 'do_sum' but i couldnt there any other way to get summation(total) in secondary list which is an alv grid display


How to define numeric 9(3) in db2 table without decimal point??


what is the roles and responsibilities in linux system admin having 2yrs exp..?


why we use four type of phase angle difference between pimary & secondry winding of a transformer & where we use them?


Hr round and technical


Differentiate between biotechnology and bioengineering?


ratings of lightning arrester


what is functionality of polymer? how can we get theoretical and practically?


What is a Do-Follow link?


Tell me about your weakness and hobbies?


Which is not the commonly used programming language for AI? a) PROLOG b) Java c) LISP d) Perl e) Java script


I have One image (means a group photo ) how to split the faces only from the image?............ please send the answer thanks in advace...


some os have a tree structure file system that limits the depth of a tree and small number of levels.what limit does this have on user? how does this simplify file system design?


Genisys Interview Questions
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