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eMids Interview Questions
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There are 2 clients for a server and that clients can access the data from the server only for 10 days. so how will you test this scenario manually? Can u pls help me?..

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How we can test a Frame in a web page?

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Store procedure will return a value?

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Write UI Test case, Integration Test case, Functional Test case & Performance Test case for the File Menu for MS-Word?


What are the data types is possible to store in session? and can we store dataset in session?

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I have a textbox , assign required field validator and i have two buttons 1) save 2) cancel , i want the validator run only when i click save button, don't validate cancel button , what to do?

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Take a Large textbox allow to type any data. Task 1:display the count of vowels in a lable on key press event of the textbox Task 2:dispaly count of dates in a lable when dates in following foramats:dd/mm/yy , mm/dd/yy , yy/mm/dd. Task3:compare 2 dates and display both are same or not which dates are in dd/mm/yy and mm/dd/yy farmats.


servlet life cycle?

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There is a web Table where You will find Two Columns First Column consist of Check box and Second column consist of Test cases ID(Viz T1,T2,T3....Etc); If You select any Test case ID, respective Check boxes to be checked write a VBSCRIPT for this scenario?

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how will you clarify the requirements

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How you will write test cases on DROP DOWN list BOX on GUI

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What are the JSP implicit objects ?

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