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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is the difference between inbound and outbound delivery?


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what type of tools do u use after creation of a sales order for quality checks???


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In your role as the SD business analyst how did you gather technical specifications and requirements from the client for your functional and technical team members? What tools did you use?(Role was a business analyst who acted as a go between the client and the functional and techincal guys)


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From Which Tcode can I view customer wise Back order (Open order)


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What is the difference between Post Goods Issue & Post Goods Received.

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Can anyone please explain GAP analysis with example ? I know theoretically the meaning of GAP analysis. I would like to know some real time examples of GAP analysis. Please help.


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can anybody explain the following procedure. 1. Reverse calculation based Pricing procedure 2. Forward calculation based Pricing procedure

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Can anyone please give an example of writing functional specification for a particular situation?If you can't think of it, here is an example : How do we write a functional specification for the FITGAPS raised in the business system? I know a functional spec, is a detailed description. But realtime gurus, pls give a realtime functional spec for such a situation for me to understand more on this.Thanks a bunch in advance!


How to prepare test scrips and test data for the GAP's?


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Who are called Superusers when it comes to training in SAP ?

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Does anyone know any institute or anybody giving online access,to access their server thru GUI to practice or to work on SAP from our home?

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Could you give an example of a medium or high priority ticket? and of course the solution?


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Can anyone explain about Purchase Order & Purchase Requisation?

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What is the use of entering base price [PR00] in OVKK

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What is Exercise Invoice?

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Can I hide the conditions in export excise invoice in from standard configuration


From which documents can you create a performa invoice?


Can anyone tell me who creates Customer Material Info Record in Live Scenraios? DO SAP SD Consultants are responsible for this?


What are the different complaint process documents in sap sd. Explain.


what is the partner process ?


What are the effects of posting goods issue? Explain.


A Client wants to connect his SAP ECC system to his SAP CRM system. What do you want to do to enable the integration. a)Install the plug-in on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system b)Install the XIF adapter on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system c) Install the XIF adapter in the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system D)Install the plug-in on the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system


Bom usage when we create a bom through cs01, what effect does bom usage field have on subsequent configuration? For example, if we take it as 1=production or 5=sales what effect will it have on subsequent processes?


What are the three levels that copy controls are set up?


What is the transaction code to open and close posting period?


the condition type DIFF is not triggered in sales the sales order if 2 line items are there from two different plants.for one material it is showing error but for the other it is working fine.what could be the reason?


What is condition types?


Define a shipping unit?


9. Any three major issues faced in the support project? what kind of issues they were


Name at least five features that you can control for the item category?