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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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how the plant is determined while creating sales return and credit notes?

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Where I can Get best SD Training in Mumabi from realtime? please answer me asap

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Hi, wrong work item in universal work list.what could be the reason and where to check? can any body guide me thanks



Hi friends. This is Ramesh. I have a problem in sales order. When i create sales order the following error occured. That is "No customer master record exists for sold to party" Pls anyone help me for this problem. Thank u.

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What is SD part in Variant Configuration? Do we do all the steps in Variant like CO,LO or just Sales /Conditions.IF we do Sales and conditons how we do that.



does anyone know what as a sd consultant we have to perform while closing of the month,,.i mean book the costs and accurals,.i dont have any knowledge about this.


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Hai SD Gurus,The sales order values are not populating in the invoice, what the pblm ,records are maintain,plz let me knw urgent.


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What is configuration with example? and what is customization with example? and what is the difference b/w this?

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Dear SD Experts pls answer this questions immediately, its very urgent. thanks in advance. In SAP any implementation project what is business process of sd module.if the client belongs to FMCG sector.

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Hi SD experts pls answer this question, thanks in advance. In new implementation project we do some configuration based on client requirement, here question is On what basis we are doing this. and how we get the details Pls explain with example.

ITC Infotech,

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Hi, experts pls answer this question, thanx in advance. if we create a functional specs for any enhancement, we need do give the approach on particular issue. could u explain how we need to find the issue and what is approach on this. for eg: if we want to copy PO no. from quotation into order,Here what is the way to find the include(routine) to create functional specs.


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How can one inactivate or block a special stock partner? Intent is to disallow transactions to this consignment location as part of lifecycle mgmt.


In Third party Business senario: After raising Purchase Order we do Good Reciept MIGO, which means incoming of Stock. where does this stock reflected and how we manage this stock?

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Hi pls tell me about order type, item cate grp,item catgry, and schd. well as dlvry tye and dlv itm categry for service item, text item, free goods, 3rd party item, contracts, schduline aggrements,bom, cash sale rush sales, credit memo reuest, debit memo request, and return order.

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if delivery is not possible for one sales order. what are mandatory things we have to chck?

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Sending invoice via email I have a requirement to send the invoice copy to the customer or agent that will be specified at the time of sending the invoice (it should not be configured before). How do I configure this and where do I set the indicators?


Tax jurisdiction processing is a close link between which two modules?


What is a sales deal and how to configure it?


Hi friends. What is the test script. Pls explain me with example. And also what is the End user documentation. In this documentation what is the information are there. What is the use of it.


Hi All, Currently I have been working on SD module, but want to upgrade my skill with SAP TM OR SAP MDG, But having some double mind on it. please suggest which module (TM OR MDG) I should go with. Thanks & Regards, Arun


Intercompany sales I am working on intercompany sales. How do I create material in both company codes?


im encountering problem like copying is not possible b'coz an entry is missing in table tvcpl:tor lf


What are the challenging issues you have faced in implementation project/Maintenance project in SD Functionality? How you have overcome that issue???


Explain credit management.


how text is determined in Invoice,What are tools used in To_be study


Hi this is jitu here,I have 5 yrs experience in pharma sales,& i have done SAP-SD.I need 1 offer in IT sector,any one help me plz.If u want 2 suggest me then mail me


How is the shipping point determined?


What are the responsibilities of a functional consultant in an implementation project?


how to attach pdf in output determination .


How are the sources and targets definitions imported in informatica designer? How to create target definition for flat files?