SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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1.can we generate our own customizing request number (ex-wsre255635).? 2.if any case we will possible to delete customizing request number?

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customer creditlimit is 1,00,000 and customer advance payment is 25,000 customer creditlimit is used 50,000 when i am trying to create one more sales order system will automatically block the transaction I


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How to create a sales order?What are the transaction to create a sales order?What are the prerequisite data to create a sales order ?

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How do we do pricing for a material ? How is the condition technique done ?I want to do my pricing based of sales orgn,distribution channel,division and material no , so how do I do that ?How do we get to know the fields, explain step wise?

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In pricing procedure what are the things we need to assign for creation of a sales order ? Suppose I have given a customer pricing procedure as ‘P’ in my pricing procedure,do I need to assign that ‘P’ anywhere else so that we can get accurate pricing for that customer ?


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What do you mean by Account Group ?What does Account Group Control ?

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At the time Customer fields are coming , how can we control those ,what are the obligatotory fields,what fields to suppress ? Before creation of account group what all prerequisite data required ?


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Do you know about Item Category ?Explain me about Item Category ?

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Do you know about shipping process ?How to create a delivery document?Explain in details.?What are the prerequisite data that we need before creating a delivery document ?

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Do you know about number range assignment ?What is the difference between external number range and internal number range ?


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How to create a billing document ?What is the transaction code?What is the transaction code for material posting ?

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What is the problem that you have faced till now ?And how do you overcome that ?Did you solve any problem of your own?

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As you are solving the tickets can I know how you are getting the tickets ,any tool you are using to track all the tickets ? Can you give two or three tickets you resolved in the project ?

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Did you work on Transportation,what are the major settings for the transportation ?

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Can you tell me the Copy Control settings between Delivery Document and Billing Document ? What are the major settings ?

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Where do you assign text determination procedures for customer master records and for documents?


What is a partner type? Give some example?


In R/3 we can represent a company's structure by defining and assigning corporate structure elements. What is the purpose of doing that?


dear sd guru's..i am srikanth fico training sd-fi..i getting error's in outbound delivery ..vl248&vl461..i could not go for billing& icoming payment..i saw to solve those error message's from goolgle.but i could'nt solve...please give me solution in clearly...please sir's..!


How have you used MASS tool in your last project, and to upgrade what data?


What are the important 'customer master records'?


For the 1st 10 sales order I want to give discount, so what customization we have to do with?


How can you tell if a transport entry is in the process of being imported in sap ? : transportation management


Can anyone have any experience with the fashion version of it?


Dear Experts, I want to know the particular customers consignment delivery documents only not other than that i do not want the normal delivery how can we get only the consignment stock of delivery docs created for the customer.


Can a sales area belong to different company codes?


What is the structure of delivery document? What are the characteristics essential for combining more than one sales order as one outbound delivery?


Hi Experts, Have you worked on IDOC’s? Can you list out important t-codes in IDOC’s and their brief explanation for what they are used for in general and specific t-codes which are useful for SAP SD Module? I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards


What are the components of the sap sd module?


can you delete order?