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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Explain the interfaces you have worked on?


How many pricing procedures you have configured in the system and what are their purposes?


How to have one pricing at sales order level and different pricing at invoice level? what are the configuration to be done for this?


Which type of aptitude question


can any one give one scenario of change request


How can one billing document type has 2 different number system? Basically if there are two documents belonging to same document type but for two different plants, then how come they both have different number system?


How do we control credit check in pricing?

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How does SAP get to know whether the material is available or not? how does it determine MAD? What exactly happens in sending TOR?


The quantity of Inquiry is 50 but the quotation created on it has 40 qty and the inquiry document is complete. How do we control it?

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i have one sold to party that sold to party have 1000 ship to party but if create order system should take always 80 number ship to party how can you do this?


In back order process system follows backward scheduling or forward scheduling? please give ur valuable answers


Do you know what’s availability check is?


Once you create a sales order, how do you confirm to the customer like I have the stock for ATP to check for the customer?


What about your experience with EDI idoc, can you elaborate a bit of what’s your experience working with EDI and IDoc?


In Order - what have you done exactly, did you do the entire setup in SAP, and if yes, can you walk me through it?


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What is sap sales and distribution?


Is it possible to work without specifying a pick/pack or loading time for a shipping point?


In Third Party sale process, I am getting an error- in MIRO(Error No. M8889-A/c 893010 has been set as not relevant for Tax, but when I want to change the Account Assignment in ME21 it is taking only G/L A/C 893010 and refusing all other G/L A/C's by giving 2 errors. They are ME045-G/L A/c 39010 cannot be used(please correct)and ME038-No direct posting can be made to G/L A/C 34000. Experts please share your knowledge to solve this problem. Warm Regards.


What is a client?


Is there any one who can teach me SAP CIN ? I am ready to pay him. Presently I am in PUNE Location. Please Contact me its Urgent - 09987059674, E-Mail ID :


Can you partially settle rebate accruals?


To what do you assign distribution channels and divisions?


Did you work on Transportation,what are the major settings for the transportation ?


What are the influence factors for account determination for invoices?


Recently ibm asked what is tcode of sd cin?and what is the cond.type in cin?plz any one can clarify what should be the exact answer for this question?and if any one kind enough plz send me sd cin detail document in my email id


we have a situation where i am about to design one process where only maintainence is taken care of keeping the existing product +services process intact ...Do you know how do i proceed???? where this process is a VAT free


What is the business process of excise tax and how do you relate that in sap?


In R/3 we can represent a company's structure by defining and assigning corporate structure elements. What is the purpose of doing that?


What is the docu.flow?


What is backorder processing? What are the two types of backordering processing?