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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Explain the interfaces you have worked on?


How many pricing procedures you have configured in the system and what are their purposes?


How to have one pricing at sales order level and different pricing at invoice level? what are the configuration to be done for this?


Which type of aptitude question


can any one give one scenario of change request


How can one billing document type has 2 different number system? Basically if there are two documents belonging to same document type but for two different plants, then how come they both have different number system?


How do we control credit check in pricing?

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How does SAP get to know whether the material is available or not? how does it determine MAD? What exactly happens in sending TOR?


The quantity of Inquiry is 50 but the quotation created on it has 40 qty and the inquiry document is complete. How do we control it?

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what is difference between individual and collective requirement


In one sales order there are two materials can maintain two different pricing procedures for these materials?


What is sap sd? What are the primary functions of sales and distribution?


which are the roadmaps delevered by SAP solution manager I am going to take certification exam soon plz ans


What is an option by which we can run all the sessions in a batch simultaneously?


Give 3 scenario of reporting due to which you require reporting help of ABAP consultant?


what is application key in account determination where its mentained. plz ans its urgent


Is it possible to create sales order for 40 items if the quotation is sent for 30 items?


Can you share master data between several sales areas?


The pl00 condition is fine in delivery. But when we try to print to either the screen or printer, an error v1032 occurs. Why?


What are the two editor modes in which we can configure the sap transport routes? : transportation management


Mention what is the reversal pgi? Can you cancel the pgi and mention the transaction code for pgi?


What are the effects of posting goods issue? Explain.


Hi Experts, recently i have been facing the questions from Intercompany sales configuration, internet sales orders,Shipment cost configuration, EDI orders......i hv been facing about configuration setting dey r asking my humble request u guys pls post d required setting from a-z stepbystep...i know littlebit bt not verysure about the output so am expecting from urs.........dont forget to tell stepby step verythankful if u can guys help me out dis..


What is act key? And how it works? Normally how many pricing procedures do in implementation?