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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Explain the interfaces you have worked on?


How many pricing procedures you have configured in the system and what are their purposes?


How to have one pricing at sales order level and different pricing at invoice level? what are the configuration to be done for this?


Which type of aptitude question


can any one give one scenario of change request


How can one billing document type has 2 different number system? Basically if there are two documents belonging to same document type but for two different plants, then how come they both have different number system?


How do we control credit check in pricing?

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How does SAP get to know whether the material is available or not? how does it determine MAD? What exactly happens in sending TOR?


The quantity of Inquiry is 50 but the quotation created on it has 40 qty and the inquiry document is complete. How do we control it?

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i have one sold to party that sold to party have 1000 ship to party but if create order system should take always 80 number ship to party how can you do this?


In back order process system follows backward scheduling or forward scheduling? please give ur valuable answers


Do you know what’s availability check is?


Once you create a sales order, how do you confirm to the customer like I have the stock for ATP to check for the customer?


What about your experience with EDI idoc, can you elaborate a bit of what’s your experience working with EDI and IDoc?


In Order - what have you done exactly, did you do the entire setup in SAP, and if yes, can you walk me through it?


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what is the diffrence between trade customer and non trade customer .


Can any body please send sap sd foreign trade user manuals..


dear sd guru's..i am srikanth fico training sd-fi..i getting error's in outbound delivery ..vl248&vl461..i could not go for billing& icoming payment..i saw to solve those error message's from goolgle.but i could'nt solve...please give me solution in clearly...please sir's..!


What is alternative condition type? Give an example?


Can you split deliveries into several invoices? When would you do that?


What is sap sales and distribution?


How do you integrate sd with mm, fico?


Outline the process flow for sales returns.


Some materials have been blocked for procurement and production. Even though deletion flag is set for a material/plant level, the order can be still entered ( with a warning message). Is there a way to block such transactions for a material flagged for deletion?


what is solution database and how to intigrate the service order with solution database? what is purpose of t.code IS31? wht is the service manager? waiting for feedback


Define a shipping unit?


What are the three levels that copy controls are set up? And what are the transaction codes through which it could be done?


Explain what is sql override for a source table in a mapping?


You want to set up a new condition type. Name the necessary steps you have to do if you want the system to determine the new condition type automatically during sales order entry?