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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What table do I use in creating abap program that would output the sales based on sales organization of customers?


What is alternative condition type? Give an example?


What’s the process of pricing procedures determination?


I created a new info structure and activated update rules for it. What is the best way to transport them into a productive system?


What are the influence factors for account determination for invoices?


How is the shipping point determined?


What is the product attributes?


What are the user exits?


How revenue account is determined? Answer: g/l account sales revenue sales deductions

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What is the difference between the item proposal and dynamic proposal?


What do you understand by sales order processing?


Do I have to change the update rules/source fields for the infostructure?


What is alternative condition base value? Give an example?


How to create a sales document?

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What is the use of customer account group?


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What is availability check?


what is purpose of maintaining common distribution channels and common division??????


dear sd guru's..i am srikanth fico training sd-fi..i getting error's in outbound delivery ..vl248&vl461..i could not go for billing& icoming payment..i saw to solve those error message's from goolgle.but i could'nt solve...please give me solution in clearly...please sir's..!


What is sap sd?


Hi SD Gurus, what are the documents in which we use Output Determination starting with Sales order? Where do we use the output determination? I have been asked this question in a recent interview? It’s Urgent!!!!!! I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regard


What is the purpose of text item in item category?, How and why is it being used


If i want to configure the partner determination for sales manager and general manager, if the sales manager is business partner in sales order he should only give 5% discount and general manager should can give 10% discount. how could i configure this ??


What is a 'sales area'?


What are the special sales document types?


how can I do (config)? if my product category like this 1 product brand exam 101 brand A, 102 brand B 2 product type exam 501 type water, 502 type resin my sale deal is every customer can buy mix product category if buy 400.00 each can get free goods 10.00 each from any product in mix cat exam customer order line brand type quantity 1 101 501 100.00 2 101 502 100.00 3 102 501 100.00 4 102 502 100.00 mean customer meet target can get free 10.00 each but customer can select material in mix category chot trinnamaitip


Hi Friends, Can you please let me know the difference between user exist and Routines


Hi All, I am taking the SAP SD course and need some live case studies for my practice, can any one help me in this regard. You can mail it on my mail id: Thanks, Sameer


Tell me your Current client's organization structure in relation to SAP SD in your project? Draw / illustrate with a diagram.I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Please reply asap... Eagerly awaiting for your response? Thanks in advance.


what is the use of delivery and billing documents header and item


Trouble4 shooting , handiling issues with different level of priorties