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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Can we assign multi distribution channel (like 2 or more) to a single customer in sap sd sales process .... if yes then how ?

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this is the problem in post goods issue field selection for movement type 601 account 58153000 differ from customer goods movement (015) please send as soon as possible

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what is retro active billing?who is will create this?


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I am unable to do VF02( Release A/cing ). I am getting the following Error... " Pricing Error " and unable to release the document via VF02.

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In your functional role, can you tell me in detail how you gathered techical specifications for your techical team members from your client? If you could please provide an example.


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can we assign shipping point to the sales organization ? in sap r/3 ? if yes how ?


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what is Business Process Reengineering ? that you have applied in your SAP implimentation project . plz reply .. **suchit**


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what is Business Process Reengineering ? that you have applied in your SAP implimentation project . plz reply .. **suchit**


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hai any body explain me about dunning procedure


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What is solution manager?

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which screen support consultant uses in support project?

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On which server End user training are given?

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what is the difference among sales deal promotion price, price agreement?

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How to activate Horizon in Credit management to substitute with W/D etc.?

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what is bonus buy?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) }

what is the main purpose of maintaining the master data?


What are the steps to create new tax category?


Can the items in a billing document belong to different distribution channels?


What is invoice correction?


What is a handling unit?


What is sap transport layer? : transportation management


What is a shipping point, loading point?


Does sap transportation management support optimized routing and last mile planning? : transportation management


What are the three levels that copy controls are set up? And what are the transaction codes through which it could be done?


How is the item text copied from sales order to delivery?


In case of third party sales what would trigger for the automatic creation of pr or po?


Where is the logic that controls this and how do we change it?


We want to explode bill of material automatically at time of order entry and explode an equipment bom in the sales order. What are the setting required?


What’s forward scheduling and backward scheduling activator? There’s a concept called forward scheduling and backward scheduling logic when you do an availability check whenever your order is created system will check whether it’s forward scheduling or backward scheduling, if it’s fatal we have a concept of how is it working, how is that you created as part of your available promise concept? Whatever that date is being considered as part of the logic, whatever the date that is configured or we maintain the data to say know that system tell to create this output back scheduling


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