what is REORG? what is the use?

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what is REORG? what is the use?..

Answer / aasif

A common maintenance task performed by database
administrators is the reorganization of data in tables and
indexes, called "reorg." Table reorganization is used to
defragment a table, reclaim free space, and eliminate
overflow rows in order to improve data access performance.
Optionally it can be used to reorder data in the order of a
particular index, to optimize queries that use that index.

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what is REORG? what is the use?..

Answer / s

It is not necessary to run the REORG utility after the Load
utility unless the data needs to be reclusterd based on the
clustering sequence and reclaim free space. If the data
input to the load data is already sorted in clustering
sequence the need for a REORG is unnecessary.

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what is REORG? what is the use?..

Answer / deepak dada

used for reorganising the datas in the tables after the
load utility

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what is REORG? what is the use?..

Answer / kathir

Answer #3 is exactly correct

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