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What is the difference between index and subscript?

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What is the difference between index and subscript?..

Answer / jkb

Index represents the displacement value of the table entry
from the beginning of the table whereas subscript is the
occurrence number of the table entry.

To calculate the displacement of the table entry from its
beginning when subscript is used takes 16 additional
instructions from the system because of that the usage of
the index is more efficient.

An index can only be modified using PERFORM, SEARCH & SET.
Need to have index for a table in order to use SEARCH,

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What is the difference between index and subscript?..

Answer / harish

subscript normal variable dec in w-s section.
index cant

subscript can be accepted or displayed
for index set index up by value down by value..

subscript- arithmetic operation is possible..

subscript refers to array occurance,
index refers to the displacement of start of the array

pls correct me if anything wrong


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What is the difference between index and subscript?..

Answer / vamsi krishna g

subscript is occurence type like arrays so if u want to
dispaly a value of it means it will search for it from

if u want to dispaly a value of an vairable it will
directly diplaces to that value and display the value

so from this we can say
subscript is an occurance type and indexed is displacement
if any wrong means please update me

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What is the difference between index and subscript?..

Answer / manjunath

ubscript - Subscript is used to access elements in array.
Index also used for the same purpose.

Ex. 01 WS-GROUP.

To access 2nd month we sepcify WS-MONTH(2).
Value enclosed in brackets is called subscript ( in this case 2 ).

You can use INDEX for the same.

Ex. 01 WS-GROUP.

In above example WS-INDX is a INDEX data item.
we can use this variable to access the elements in the array.

If you want to access 2nd element in the array. need to write the code as follows

DISPLAY " 2nd element in array " , WS-INDX.

An index is similar to a subscript, but internal value in the variables are different..
Normaly subscript refer the occurance number of the item in array. in our example that is 2. means to refer second occurance we use number 2.

In case of index, to refer second element of your array, it shoud contains value of displacement from the starting of the arrary. i.e, in our example we used SET command to set value in index field WS-INDX. after execution of this command
WS-INDX contain the value 3. To refer third element it should contains the value of
6, for fourth element it should contain the value of 9 ( in our example array element size is 3 ).

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What is the difference between index and subscript?..

Answer / maveric

can anyone give some example on this please?

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