What is binary search?

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What is binary search?..

Answer / sachin

Prefer when the table size is significantly large.

When the size of the table is large and it is arranged in
some sequence -either ascending or descending on search
field, then BINARY SEARCH would be the efficient method.

Table should be in sorted order of the searching argument.
There should be ASCENDING/DESCENDING Clause.
Index need not be set to 1 before SEARCH ALL.

Compare the item to be searched with the item at the
center. If it matches fine, else repeat the process with
the left or right half depending on where the item lies.

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What is binary search?..

Answer / ravi

Binary search...sequential search..must be in an sirted
order..it divides the table in to 2 parts

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What is binary search?..

Answer / vidhya

Serial search is most cost-effective up to 70 rows, If the
table has more than 70 rows then Binary search is effecient.
The table should be in ascending or descending order

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