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Visa Interview Questions
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What is the difference between index and subscript?

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Why do you need a visa to USA?

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Why did you not come with your husband for the interview?

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Who filed the visa application and where did you file it?

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Brief me on your assets?

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why this university?

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Do you know what is the living cost in US specific to the place where you are going


Can we do the project in ENCRYPTION AND DECRYPTION as a operating system project? If yes how can we use the concepts?

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my brother went for his visa interview, he had backlogs in his B.E , but he cleared all . the consular asked how many backlogs he has , my brother said the no of backlogs he had. my brother tried to explain about that, but visa officer didn't listen. he plans to take interview again. if the consular asks about backlogs, what he is supposed to answer? can he take visa interview again ? general visa appointment dates are not available. emergency appointments only available. can someone tell how to get appointment date?

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Why did you choose this University? (Why not a bigger school?

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How is it structured academically and financially?

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How long has your spouse been working for the sponsoring company?

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In the interview on asking about the number of backlogs i have lied and the visa officer came to know that i have lied and he has rejected my visa for the 1st time and now if i go for the 2nd time plz tell me wht should i say that for what reason i was rejected last time.

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what did u know about that university

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MY GMAT score is very low...240. i ve applied through my toefl score and i got my i20. shall i specify my GMAT score or not. if yes... what shall i answer for y such a low score. i ve work experience of 2 years as relationship manager in mahindra finance. plz suggest answers. thanks

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