Call Centre Interview Questions
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What is KPO?

Wipro, IBM, Intel, ArcGate, KPO,

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What is HRO?

WNS, Wipro, Human Resources,

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What do I need to enter the BPO arena?

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What is IVR?


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if u will be the principal of a school what will u can do best for school?

TCS, Zenta, Kankei,

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tell me something abt ur dream?

Knoah, HCL,

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how imp is smile to u?

Nipuna, IBM,

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if u win 1 crore rupees what will u do ?

EXL, Genpact, Pharma, Medha Servo, Portland, Wipro, Medha,

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tell me something abt ur watch?

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which 2 major changes u prefer for mumbai city and y?


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how imp is computer in todays world?


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what do you prefer to be paper or pen and y?

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tell me something abt colour pink? and blue?

C3I, R N Exports,

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if u became P.M of this country what the best u can do for it?

Sitel, IBM,

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tell me about yourself introduction?

TCS, Sitel, HDFC, Tricom, Banking, IBM, Microsoft, Satyam, Salix, Tech Mahindra, Van Heusen,

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What will be the Salary of a fresher in Dell company for non-voice process?


How would you convince everyone to adopt to change and what changes would you like to make?


i am from bpo sector and have a intervirw with ocwen financial corporation for bpo job so what kind of questions i can expect there


Discuss your weaknesses and how do you plan to overcome it


what i will tell if they ask what is your salary expectation for a fresher?


Why do you want to leave your organization or company?


how did you calibrate your new year


wat is customer service assistant??


) Daily Routine? b) Story Making? c) School or College Farewell? d) Daily routine of Mother?


Will you be happy to work in night shifts or over the weekends?


How can we define that the person is an intertesting person?


Why do you want join night Ship ?


please send me international call centres question and ans. on my mail id( Thanks


Hi Friends, Can anyone send me a Six Sigma question bank with answers on my email id : I am a quality manager in a Mulitnational Company. I have to design a question paper for my already trained green belts and black belts. I had a great knowledge base on six sigma at my home pc but since the mother board has gone bad and it has gobe for repair, I am not able to design a question paper. Please send me a question bank if anyone of you has it. I know that these things are really valuable but I would be highly obliged if you can do this favour. I would look forward to a long professional relationship with that individual. Thanks


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