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Medha Servo Interview Questions
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if u win 1 crore rupees what will u do ?

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1 Ton = ? amperes & power. How much power 1.5 TON split AC consumes in an hour at 17 C , 26 C & 28 C (thermostat' temperature).

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Electrical Engineering


Can we calculate the P.F if we know the only load on alternator .

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What's is the mechanism of for stroke engine


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what is the three phase induction motor? what is difference between motor used in household instruments and induction motor?


2. Modify your design in question 1.a so that the circuit works according to the following function table X Y F 0 0 Clear 0 1 No Change 1 0 Parallel Loading 1 1 Count 3. Design a circuit that detects the pattern 010 in a serial input X considering: 3.a Overlapping 3.b No overlapping


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Medha Servo Interview Questions
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