tell me about yourself introduction?

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / hemant

avoide the my self...(your name).
use only my name is........ or
i am ......
my education is ......
moved answer as per u are aproching for best postes in
b.p.o. copmany.
if u use my self (friest keek there from)

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / jayaprakash (baba)

hi i am Jayaprakash, my home town is tiruttani. i've
completed Engg in the stream of computer science at LCR
college of engg & tech, & scured first class with
and also i've completed ccna course in sansbound, i've so
fair knowledge on n/w. i can graps my things well.
innovative thoughts is my ultimate strength.

say bout family................

well, while saying bout my hobbies , in my leisure hours i
used scrible some lyrics, music is my passtion & i love
lisenting to songs..

Above all, I am stright forward, I'll be honest & punctual
to do job..

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / bukkha lakshmaiah

Good morning sir/madam/Mr. /Mrs.
My Name is Bukkha lakshmaiah
I am from Hyderabad.
Speaking about my academics I’ve done my Graduation and
have done it from Osmania University.
I have 15months of learning exposure of Linux, UNIX, CCNA,
Sever2008, Network Essentials, Operating System and
Hardware Trouble Shooting from sunkalp Institute of
Hardware and Networking.
My strengths are I can easily mingle with people and can
communicate easily with others.
I am an organized and self motivated person.
I have enough confidence and will power to do any kind of
functions that are assigned to me.
I have potentiality to grasp things easily.
I learn new information and data easily.
My weakness is that I tend to be the last, but not late
when doing my work because I want to leave everything
I love traveling and visiting different kinds of people.
I like people who are really dedicated to their tasks and I
hate people who deny opportunities.
I believe that” A good name is better than riches”, so
wherever I go I will do my level best to get a good name?
I would like to obtain a job with long term prospects,
where by hard work, dedication and the ability to acquire
new skills will advantage any company I work for. That’s
about it from my side,
Is there anything else you would like to know?
Thank q

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / marimuthu

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Marimuthu Karuppiah.I am a Software Engineer
graduate from Anna University of India.I am 26 years old
and currently working for Great Sea Marine in Singapore.I
am a Bachelor.
My parents live in India.My father is a farmer while my
mother is a home maker.I have 2 siblings who are still
schooling in India.

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / arslan ahmad

Hi I am Arslan Ahmad Khan. I have done my matriculation in
the year 2001 and then completed my graduation in 2006, my
major courses were Double Math Physics. Recently i am
completed my MBA Marketing, and currently working
with As for as my personality traits are
concerns i m able to organize and lead, full of zest,
optimistic, determined and social as well.

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / bukkha lakshmaiah

"I was born in Orissa and attended Lincoln High School.
Ever since I was a teenager, I tinkered with computers. It
was my hobby, my passion, and my way of learning. Like most
kids I enjoyed computer games. When my folks gave me a
computer as a reward for making honor roll my sophomore
year, I mastered DOS, Windows, and WordPerfect within six
months. I then went on to teach myself programming basics.
By the time I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to
study programming. From that point on, everything fell into
place. My life revolved around computing. By my junior year
at Syracuse, I decided I wanted to work for a major
software manufacturer. That is why I had an internship last
summer at Fast Track Software.
I now want to work for a major player so I can be at the
forefront of breaking trends and new technology. When my
college roommate told me about his start in your
department, I hounded him until he helped me get a
referral, which brought me here today.

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / narender singh

My name is ____________ and I am __ yr of age. I have been
born and brought up in Uttranchal and now I am currently
residing in my lovely city Delhi. [(Or) I hold my
bachlors/masters in __________. I am the__________ (studnt
or employee fill in blank) prior to that i did my
intermediate from CBSE Board] I have cleared my 12th
standard from CBSE Board. I am pursuing my From Delhi
University and alongwith that I am doing certification in
Industrial Accounting from Institue of Computer Accountant.

About my family background:
My father is Mr_________. He is an ______________. My mother
is a homemaker. I have __ siblings (or) I have __ brother
and __ sister.

I would like to tell you my Strength:

I am result oriented, I am dedicated, I am optimist.

I would also like to tell you about my hobbies:

I play cricket, snnoker (pool) and also I listen to music.

[My short term goal is ...............(ex= to complete my
communication skill class with confident)] [my long term
goal is..........(ex= To work for reliance or
i want to do ms mba or mtec from ....)] [My favorite palce
is ............(ex= hyderabad, dubai,or

(and then at the end)
Thank u sir for giving me a wonderful opportunity to
introduce my self thank you.

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / maniraj

i'm (ur name)
i'm an industrious, energetic, self driven and enthusiastic person with strong communication skills to lead a team having a degree in..............I aim to purse a challenging and prestigious career in a responsible position in a reputed and fast growing company developing myself and company......

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / amit kumar bansal

My Name is Amit. I have done my schooling from ...........
board in year ......... with ......... stream and
scored.......%. I have completed my graduation from
............ University in year.......... with ........

I have cleared my CPT in year 2008 and scored 81%, I have
cleared my IPCC frst grp in nov 09 with a score of 61.75%
and grp 2 in Nov 2010 with a score of 66%.

Currently I m working in .................... from 25th
April 2010. Their I have worked on ........................

Coming to my personal Information My father is self
Employed, My Mother is a House wife, I have 1 brother & 1

I love reading books, listening music, suffering
internet..... etc

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tell me about yourself introduction?..

Answer / piyush


I am Piyush.
I am a graduate.
As far as my working experience is concern I worked for
reliance BPO for 2 yrs as a senior customer care
executives,presently I am working in Vriti-Infocom in Back
end,If you talk about my hobby, I love listing to music and
my ambition is to make my career on BPO industry.

Thank you

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