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Satyam SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What are types of Projects ?

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In a script, i want to print something at end of last page only.How can i print it?

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How to generate and processing the session in the same program?

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what is manue table field in NAST table?what is its purpose in sap scripts?

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what is difference between MOVE and MOVE-CORRESPONDING?

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Identify the valid statement when coding a field exit (a) SUBMIT RSCA101X. (b) MESSAGE E101. (c) MESSAGE I101. (d) BREAK-POINT.

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In sap script how to print bar code in vertical manner


What is the function of Substring?

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can we call a dialog module(Type M) into the executable program(Type E).If it yes then how ?

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What is the difference between Customizing Data, Master Data and Transactional data?

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What is the Difference between Transparant Tables , Pooled & cluster Tables?

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What is INDEX Concept. What is Primary Index and Secondary Index and Difference between Primary & Secondary Index

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What are Views, how they were useful. Types of Views

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Difference between Maintanance view, Help view, Data Base View and Projection View?

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Can we create Secondary Indexes for the Views

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Satyam SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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