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Satyam SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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In ABAP What is the Use of "FOR ALL ENTRIES" Clause & when it is being used. And what it really does?

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Hi all, How can u get the Sales order no. if u know only Delivery order

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How to transfer legacy data into base tables by scheduling a time frame using bdc?

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in scripts if u want to add the field using itcsy structure iknow this concept,then i want to add some logic at a time in S.ORDER AND P.ORDER HOW,IF POSSIBLE WHERE U CAN ADD THE LOGIC, HOW?

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where u can find user exists? how to activate user exists?

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if idoc generated successfully where it can be stored i know database)?

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if u take one worst program,in this program user write the logic is session that program user can get some errors ,that errors we will see in call transaction method,how it is possible.?


if take one table with max no of records,in that i transfer only three records to quality r production r anywhere how it is possible?

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what are the tools in lsmw?

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scripts are client independent then how to transfer from one client to (i know RSTXR3TR AND SCC1 TCODE )another client?

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IF transport where u can create req no for sctipts?

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how to transfer smartforms?

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why u can call(r using) ssf_function_module_name in smartforms?

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in scripts how to upload logo (it's saved in .bmp file ) i am asking procedure?

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what can u do in UTP?

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Satyam SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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