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Satyam Core Java Interview Questions
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1).what is the difference between below examples String s="vijay"; String s=new String("vijay");

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how to write a program for chat function using core java

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How multipleInheritance is possible in java?

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how can you retrive information from database by using hashmap/arraylist ,plz explain with example briefly?

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how to handled exceptions & erros in ejb?

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how to handle exceptions in ejb?


how session will be expired ?

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How to call a Stored Procedure from JDBC?

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what is features of jdk 1.5?

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What is JIT ?

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why the wait,notify,notifyall methods are placed in object class?these are the thread concepts why these methods are placed in Object class?

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which pattern is default in scanner package?


what is d difference between deep cloning and shallow cloning in core java?

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what is the use of private constructor in core java?

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what is the use of datasource in core java?

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Satyam Core Java Interview Questions

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