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L&T Instrumentation Interview Questions
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Explain PID controller tuning & any one method used for it.

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Tell about your IFFCO plant visit.


Explain Three way boiler.

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Draw bode plot of any transfer function. Why is plotting bode necessary?


Explain any simple temperature control system.

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diff between neutral ,ground,phase , earthing and shielding?


how to derive kg/cm2 to mmwc? complete derivation.

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for commissioning the DPT and Flow Transmitter , what kind of necessary activities we have to check and do? specially that orifice flange valve[ isolation valve}

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a flow transmitter [range-0-400mbar] connected in process line. please explain me how to calibrate the flow transmitter , & how to do static error


In E&I diagram what is the meaning of rectangular box and circular box

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In RTU Panel we are having several Analogue & Digital Inputs /Outputs. We are recently facing some problems over Analog inputs , which are not updating properly (But Digital Input are updating normally) Can any one tell me from where the problem is creating , we have checked PLC CPU card, Analog Input card & we reconfigured ,But still the issue is there. Issue : 1. Sometimes Analog values are updating & sometimes not. 2. Analog values are not updating normally , showing some wrong Values 3. Total dead (0 value) Analog values are Level & flow measurement from the field instruments. (But in field the instruments are working normally & Displaying the values normally in local display unit) This problem we are facing in our Water Plant. If any one experienced this same problem or having any ideas related to our issue PLS send your valuable Answers/Replies...

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how to replace the smart transmitter software

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Why the Air Tank Accumulators required for the single acting actuators SDV's or BDV's as I see in some Schematic diagrams of ROTORK ??

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How to control flow variations in magnetic flow maters..... When i will provide proper earthing?


For a diafhram 1.5 d =kn(p-p0) D4 Where d in deflection in inch k=constant n=no of capdule (P-P0)=Applied pressure in psi D In active dia at capsule. -1.5 d=k to p d being constant -1.5


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L&T Instrumentation Interview Questions

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