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L&T Interview Questions
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Parameter list which we can send to @Test annotation

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how to decide cement quantity in 1 m3 concrete

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There are 100 lines in a file. How to print line number 31-50 and 81-90 in unix with a single command.

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What is the m25

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how much the ratio of the m15, m25 .......etc

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protection relay watchdog contact operation?


operation of protection relay watchdog contact?


For fine aggregate which is most suitable River sand or crusher sand & why ?


How to avoid the wild characters in the webi rich client with out using in the query filter option? Kindly suggest

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What is difference between Union and Union All ?

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Why stag rod provided in roof truss.

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Which percentage of carpet area use in plot area of office building.


How to convert 20 dia bar to 16 dia bar in beam without reducing the steel weight


how many printers are there in the land scape

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i have 2 files. First file contains a,b,c,d as rows and second file contains 1,2,3,4 as rows. how do we make single a1b2c3d4 and 4 different rows a1, b2, c3,d4.

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L&T Interview Questions

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What are pl/sql packages?


What are three types of loops in java?


Ours is a technology firm. We got a contract of 1 lac. It is payable at the end of the contract. How you will recognize revenue?


What c++ is used for?


Is impala intended to handle real time queries in low-latency applications or is it for ad hoc queries for the purpose of data exploration?


What do you mean by commit and rollback?


What is difference between having clause and where clause?


give the steps to start the view builder?


what is the meaning of number in (11, 31, 61,14, etc. CDG11, CDG31, CDG61, DDT32


How to test IR testing & magnetic balance test


Tell about the fixed deposits?


How do I make a list from a table in excel?


In EB metering we face problem kva jump even in no load condition.can any one help to control this


what is the thickness tolerances up to 32 mm


is there any necessity to file TDS to purchase a thing even ater paying vat