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L&T Interview Questions
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what is bolt value?

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What voltage is used in Directional earth fault relay? and why?

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what is the effect of clearance volume in performance of air- compressor???

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What is proportion of M25,M30,M35,M40 IN TH FORM 1,2,3,4?

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what is the relation between frequency and inductive reactance in a d.c supply?

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what is the most probable reason of failure of current transformer?

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how to select the double earth conductor if 21A full load?


Java is based on pass by reference or pass by value ..

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1) max no of steps with jcl job can execute 2) how many extentions r possible in sequencial files with job 3) what is set parameter will do 4)how to get syntax errors without sub 5) what is differ between error and abend 6) hw mvs knows who submitted the job and whoom it has to forward 7) what are the positinal parameters of data descripter

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what is fe 415 steel

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why a diesel generator gives less fuel consumption which has a mechanical governer compared to auto governor

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Why, the starting current of 3 phase Induction Motor is 7 to 8 times its rated current?

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How to choose size of the cable current carrying capacity ...


what is the meaning of bearing number

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L&T Interview Questions

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