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what is the relation between frequency and inductive
reactance in a d.c supply?

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what is the relation between frequency and inductive reactance in a d.c supply?..

Answer / iamdon

As far as DC is concerned, there is no concept of
frequency and reactance.

The concept of frequency and reactance(Inductive or
Capacitive) is valid only for A.C.

In AC,
Inductive reactance(XL)=2*pie*f*L
Capacitive reactanc(XC)=1/(2*pie*f*C)
Where f=frequency,L=Iudctance.C=Capacitance

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what is the relation between frequency and inductive reactance in a d.c supply?..

Answer / lashari

The concept of reactance (inductive or capacitive) is only for the AC current or voltage not for the DC and the frequency of DC and zero..... and reactance is only where the frequency in present.

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