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L&T Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the meaning of bearing number

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what is the difference between codes,standards, specification?

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How to calculate per kW how much fuel conssume in DG set?

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Choose dehumudification method.

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What are the steps taken in troubleshooting of a machine e.g extruder

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what is turbo machine

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if the refrigeration door is kept open in a room what would happen in room temperature?

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Is IS 2062 different from ASTM A 36 or both are almost same

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Which type of gear train used in Wrist watch?

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What is the use of a PULLEY?

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One Cubic meter Oxygen is equavalant to how much Kilogram?

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the avg piston speed of an internal combution engine increases as cylinder dimension decreases justify?


what is the main purpose of reheater in a coal fired boiler

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wat is the difference b/w stress and pressure?

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wt is the difference between clutch and brake?

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L&T Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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