List 5 words that best Describe your strengths?

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Answer / mr. venkat

1) Optimistic
2) Postive thinking(ex: Its very normal question how did u
tackle ur boss when he wants everthing to be completed in
one hour we are unable to produce the result etc...)
3) Self COnfident
4) Public Relation
5) task Oriented

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Answer / pavan

The strengths are
1. Positive Attitude
2. Team Player
3. Good Communication skills
4. Hard Work
5. Able to handle stress at hard times

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Answer / snowygrl

1. Pro-active
2. Energetic
3. Goal Driven
4. Ambitious
5. Confident

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Answer / rahul gaikwad

1) Proactive.
2) Positive Attitude.
3) Adabtability.
4) Result Oriented.
5) Handling stressful situation and solving it successfully.

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Answer / reena

1. self confidence
2. positive attitude
3. creative approach
4. bold
5. friendly attitude

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Answer / vicki

quick to learn

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Answer / emlon

Articulate, creative, flexible, focused, organized

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Answer / ishang kushwaha

My Strengths are
2.Love of learning
4.Team work

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Answer / christine

Self motivated
Interpersonal communication skill
Learning agility
Open minded

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Answer / kavita


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