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why you like to join in FMCG sector?

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / ranjeet prasad

FMCG sector is growing day by day because the demand generating from RURAL sector. FMCG is the only product which i can sell to customer again and again.Customers includes Urban-Rural, Rich-Poor etc. and for helping these sector Retail sector also coming to the Rural...So there are huge scope in FMCG sector.

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / harika

The name itself made me attracted to this sector. The “fast moving”. The world is changing & along with it the consumer preferences. According to me this change will be initially effected to an fmcg sector than anyone else as it touches millions of people in a day. So I wanted to learn how actually this sector adapts to the change of customer needs and how it will change its strategy. This is one of the sector which is making the life of common man easy.

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / archana

since FMCG Sector is a very vast and have daily usage and
highly adaptable products,segmentation is very large and.
including mass marketing therfore there is a major scope
for the new products.There are so many competitors in this
sector to promote and maintaining the product position
among them is very difficult.

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / purab ghosh

This answer is from a marketing student's point of view.

FMCG is an industry which makes products that are ubiquitous. People use an umpteen number of FMCG products daily and therefore it is an industry which enables us to interact with the consumers directly. Also, since it is such a lucrative industry, it is highly competitive and to survive and grow here, the marketing strategies adopted by companies become extremely important. The FMCG industry really tests your sales and marketing skills to the core and if I can enter an industry which applies the concepts such as segmentation, positioning, branding etc which we learned in classrooms to such a huge extent, it would be the best learning experience for a marketing student

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / selva

FMCG Sector is the only sector which develop our skills and improve innovation and creativity to make the products to reach the customers. Along with the company growth our skill and knowledge is also grown.

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / kamakhya prasad ghatuary

FMCG industry introduces most of the new product in the
everyday life and most of us unware about that product,how
to sell the product and how to advertise for that product
is very difficult in rural area for taking this type of
challenge i want to join FMCG product.
Still so many products are in field but no one knows about
that proct in rural area.
To create the awareness and profit about that product and
to add some value for that product i want to join FMCG

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / purushottam

the 1st thing is that FMCG sector is not one time investment.
we have to buy product daily.or twice in a that the
sales is going be regular running. its not going to in losses.
so thats a big for the us.if sales regular its to good to

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why you like to join in FMCG sector?..

Answer / kiran

FMCG it means fast moving consumer goods .This sector
customer is afford&acceptable.In daily every customer usage
fmcg brand packs.In this sector New product development(NPD)
is very scope.

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