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What is the difference between automatic & semi-automatic
star-delta starters?

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What is the difference between automatic & semi-automatic star-delta starters?..

Answer / v. senthilkumar - skpcl

Fully Automatic Star-Delta: In these starts Start-Delta
operation is an automatic one, which is accomplished with a
Timer fitted inside the starter. The time period from Star
to Delta can be adjusted between 7 to 15 sec. The Starter is
provided with Bimetallic Thermal Relay for protection
against Overloading & Single Phasing Conditions.

Semi-Automatic Star-Delta: These Starters are operated with
3-push button systems, in which the third push button
(Yellow) is used to change the motor running sequence from
Star to Delta. Bimetallic thermal overload Relay is fitted
in these starters for protection against overloading and
Single Phasing problems.

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What is the difference between automatic & semi-automatic star-delta starters?..

Answer / seimence

the difference between automatic & semi automatic starter
delta starters becouse the star delta starters are both use
in automatic & semi automatic condition so automatic
starters are work in automatic this not oparete manuali but
the semi automatic starters both are manuali & automatic
performe in ac machine.

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What is the difference between automatic & semi-automatic star-delta starters?..

Answer / prabhakar

Semi automatic starters will be opreated manouly which will
trip only on high voltage

fully atomatic starters will work with level
control ,timers and single phase priventers so it is fully

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