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What should a marketing plan address?

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What should a marketing plan address? ..

Answer / guest

The main parts of a mktg plan are:
1. Part 1: Purpose and Mission
2. Part 2: Situational Analysis
* Product, Market Analysis
* Distribution Analysis
* Competitor Analysis
* Financial Analysis
* Other Analysis
3. Part 3: Strategy and Objectives
* Marketing Strategy
* Marketing Objectives
4. Part 4: Tactical Programs
* Markets
* Product
* Promotion
* Distribution
* Pricing
* Others
5. Part 5: Budgets,Performance Analysis, Implementation
* Budgeting and Analysis
* Implementation
6. Part 6: Additional Considerations


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What should a marketing plan address? ..

Answer / jayanth

it address satisfying the needs of customer and providing
services with different techniques which is suitable in best
resources and maximizing the profits with minimizing the
cost and efforts

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What should a marketing plan address? ..

Answer / rishikesh-- singhrishikesh3@gm

marketing plan address the long term benefits by satisfying
the customer need for creating customer loyality &
maximizing profit, minimizing cost

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What should a marketing plan address? ..

Answer / harish

marketing plan means providing better facility to customer
identify what they want innovation in product.identify their
& then earn profit because after this we can earn profit only

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